April 23, 2017

Maturity Box

The First Menstruation Kit

*** Celebrating the New Journey into Womanhood**

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Maybe you have seen the coming signs – unpredictable emotions, changes in her body, skin blemishes, or her friends are starting to “carry purses”…the First menstruation is upon her (and you)…!


PINQ PHI PINK has created this kit to celebrate this journey in a young girl’s life, as she transitions to womanhood. Whether it’s already here or coming soon, this gift is designed to help both of you welcome this new change with gifts and information.  


This is an easy way to give something in recognition for this change and new journey. Whether she is your daughter, niece, friend’s daughter or granddaughter…The Menstruation  Kit is a beautiful & thoughtful gift!


The First Menstruation Kit is designed for many purposes:


~ Offer reliable information about the physical changes occurring

~ Encourage self-esteem, self-respect and admiration about the changes in her body

~ Celebrate this journey with useful and fun gifts

~ Act as a resource to answer questions about menstruation

~ Help encourage & foster the pathway to important discussions now and in the future

~ Promote trust & support the bond between you both


This journey is an important one! It is NORMAL for both adults & young girls to be embarrassed, shy and even mortified at the thought of discussing menstruation. This kit will assist you both to alleviate the stigma and embarrassment that has become the norm these days. Encouraging her to understand and respect herself and her body NOW will promote self-esteem and admiration for her body as she continues maturing into womanhood.


First Menstruation kits are made with Love, Support & Understanding:


~ Hand-crafted bracelet or made with gemstones of chrysocolla, rose quartz  & lapis lazuli – a note card accompanies it that describes the metaphysical properties of the stones (they encourage self-awareness & self-acceptance, as well as, the physical components of the gemstones that are believed to alleviate menstrual pain).

~ Handmade clutch (with button closure) in fun, fashionable fabrics to carry “First Moon Accessories”

~ Handmade flaxseed and lavender compress for cramp relief

~ 1 oz. bottle of Moon Oil: a body oil (essential oil blend) to ease cramps

~ Lavender Mint roll-on body oil – perfect size to carry along for a quick light fragrance

~ Inspirational soy-based votive candle

~ Information cards (Puberty, Menstruation, Discomforts, Pain Relief Suggestions, Helpful Yoga Positions, Basic Female Anatomy)*


*please note that this information is BASIC & GENERAL. As women ourselves, we offer reliable information, WITHOUT discussing fertility or pregnancy. Please look through the information provided, and choose which cards you feel are appropriate at this time. We are always available (via email) to answer any questions either of you may have.

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